Trucking Standards App released to Apple Store & Google Play

Birmingham, Al.

It’s official, the Trucking Standard App by Legacy Corporation International has been released to the Apple Store & Google Play mobile app eco-system. Described by Lew Grill as; “… a fundamental tool for legal professional to reference what they need to know as it relates to trucking with direct feedback from myself and Adam Grill in the form of simple commentary and interpretations of the text as we’ve seen it applied.”

Core benefits of the app is the centralization of information from various web source eliminating hours of Google searches and web hunting. Reference materials are clear and easy to read and in app search allows for quick location to subject by title, section or sub parts.

Customer that purchase the app will also have the ability to bookmark information important to their case as well as create custom notes inside the app.

Subscribers will also benefit from continuous updates to the app as changes are made to laws or policies related to trucking and have access to new resources as they’re added.